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oreck u2000RB-1

Get Your All in One Oreck U2000 RB-1 Upright Vacuum



The Oreck® U2000RB-1 is a commercial upright vacuum which will surpass all your expectations. This powerful and versatile vacuum will make sure your home or business is clean as can be. The Oreck® U2000RB-1 isn’t limited to just carpets. With its floating head, it can also be used on surfaces such as wood, laminate, and tile, without having to manually adjust. It has many features that will make cleaning quick and easy such as:

  • A 40-foot Power Cord – Clean without limits; easily replace a damaged cord
  • Lightweight – Only 9 lbs.
  • Low-Profile Design – Fits under furniture with ease
  • Wide Cleaning Head – 12 Inches wide
  • High-Speed Roller Brush – The double helix brush design spins at 6500 RPM
  • Disposable Inner Bag – Easy Disposal
  • Helping Hand Handle – Ergonomic Design for eliminating the bending/twisting of the wrist.

There is a reason this lightweight, upright vacuum provides so much power. The direct suction design allows dirt to be sucked into the bag in a straight efficient path. This design allows the smaller lightweight motor to achieve its incredible cleaning power.

Oreck is a company founded in 1963 by owner David Oreck, which began by manufacturing vacuums for hotels in the United States. Today, Oreck provides a wide variety of cleaning equipment and products for commercial and residential use. Oreck’s reputation as one of the finest vacuum manufacturers carries through in the U2000RB-1.