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bucket and wringer combinationPortland is the most populous city in Maine with over 67,000 residents, in an area of about 70 square miles. The Greater Portland metropolitan area accounts for more than a third of the state’s population, home to over half a million people. It was the original capital of Maine until 1832 when it changed to Augusta. Portland is located on a peninsula in Casco Bay on the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. The city includes more than 700 acres of open space and public parks. Some of the well known and historic parks are Eastern Promenade, Lincoln Park, and Payson Park. Portland is a heavy tourist area, with one of its most popular destinations being Old Port.

The local economy in Portsmouth has shifted from what was once a large fishing, manufacturing and agriculture industry to a more service-based economy. Many national financial services organizations such as Bank of America and TruChoice Federal Credit Union base their Maine operations in Portland.

Why Choose Our Portland Janitorial Equipment Company

With such a large population of residents, frequent tourists, and a booming economy with many successful organizations, Portland can depend on Custodial Partners for all its cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best and most reliable products in the industry to safely and efficiently maintain their facilities. We proudly offer the best brand name products in the industry, such as Deb, HOSPECO, Claire, and Dixie. Contact us today for quality service and fast delivery on the best janitorial and custodial supplies and equipment available to Maine.

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