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  • Benefits of Using the BruTab 6S Sanitizer Tablet

    Brulin’s BruTab 6S Disinfectant and Sanitizer Tablet is the leading disinfectant tablet due to it’s safety and efficiency when in use. Your janitorial staff will love the results and you can rest assured that it is safer to use than your traditional bleach-based cleaning products.

    Although the sanitizer tablet does include chlorine, it is not the same hypochlorite that’s found in bleach. Sodium hypochlorite bleach has a pH of 11 or more, which is extremely toxic and harmful to the touch, when ingested, and when coming into contact with certain surfaces such as carpet. The BruTab on the other hand uses Free Available Agents which is the active ingredient during the disinfection process. The tablet also slowly releases it’s chlorine, which means you have more disinfecting and sanitizing power than bleach (which releases it’s chlorine immediately while in a water solution).

    With only a pH of about 6.5, the BruTab 6S hypochlorous acid disinfects more than 4 times better than traditional bleach solutions. Other benefits include:

    • Delivering a longer-lasting disinfecting power making this sanitizer tablet more cost effective for your business
    • Longer-lasting chlorine reserve for a more stable solution that lasts for a week in a closed container.
    • These BruTab 6S Sanitizer Tablets have a shelf life of 3 years whereas bleach concentrates only last around 6 months on the shelf.
    • The most important benefit is that these tablets are much less corrosive than your typical bleach solution, making it less harmful to your janitorial staff and the surfaces you’re cleaning.
    • The disinfectant tablet is also simple to use every time when following directions. Our tablet allows you to take the guesswork out of ratios and dilutions.

    Ready to disinfect more affordably and efficiently this season? Contact Custodial Partners today to order your Brulin BruTab 6S Disinfectant and Sanitizer Tablet or check out the product info pamphlet online now to learn more information.

  • Flu Season in Full Swing, Disinfectants Can Help Prevent Illness

    Confirmed flu cases in Massachusetts are up 228% since last year, experts concluded. With both influenza A and influenza B strains wrecking havoc in the state, it’s not “if” you get the flu, it’s “when”. Health officials as well as Custodial Partners highly recommend that you get vaccinated as soon as possible as well as don’t come in to work or school if you suspect you have the flu or any other type of illness.

    Who is at risk for the flu?

    The flu is highly contagious and mainly preys upon those with weakened or compromised immune systems, infants, and the elderly. The virus is spread easily through human contact as well as from infected surfaces such as doorknobs, keyboards and phones. It is recommended that to combat the flu virus this year, precautions need to be taken very seriously.

    Health professionals and Custodial Partners recommend the following preventative measures:

    • Cover your mouth when you cough
    • Wash your hands frequently, especially if you travel on public transit systems in the Greater Boston area
    • Get the recommended 2017/2018 flu shot
    • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to continually flush your system
    • Get plenty of sleep. A good night’s sleep can boost your immune system
    • Purchase disinfectant sprays and disinfect surfaces such as counter tops, doorknobs, desks and other shared equipment

    Disinfectants that are effective against the flu virus

    Our janitorial equipment and cleaning supply company provides quality name brands that work to combat the flu virus. Using disinfectants in the form of sprays, wipes, liquid or foam help to decrease the number of flu cases in your home or building. Keep your employees, customers, and family safe by purchasing any of the following disinfectants:

    • Clorox BleachCustodial Partners offers Clorox Concentrated Germicidal Bleach in a 121 oz container. This highly concentrated disinfectant kills viruses and germs on contact.
    • Claire Disinfectant SprayThis 20 oz aerosol disinfectant is the perfect hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions. It works to disinfect common viruses while also functioning as a deodorizer.
    • Clorox Disinfecting WipesThe #1 disinfecting wipe is now available at Custodial Partners. These wipes are great for having at the office, in a classroom, or at private residences. They kill 99.9% of germs, including staph, salmonella, e. coli, and cold and flu viruses on contact.
    • Brulin Maxima 256 Disinfectant CleanerAvailable in a massive 64 oz carton, the Brulin line of chemical disinfectant products is no match for this year’s flu virus. This disinfectant is hospital-grade and can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces. It’s Staphylocidal, Pseudomonacidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal and Mildewcidal.
    • Stearns QUART’R PACKS Powdered Detergent/Disinfectant. This handy product cleans, disinfects and deodorizes and is specifically engineered for hospitals and nursing homes. Effective against HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Influenza A viruses.

    It’s time to take measures against this year’s flu virus. Contact Custodial Partners as soon as possible to order your disinfectants before the flu invades your establishment!

  • Split!’s Heavy-Duty Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaner

    Tile and stone are beautiful additions to any home or commercial space. There are hundreds of varieties, colors and design patterns to choose from to make your space unique. However, whenever tile or stone is involved, grout is likely used as well. Grout is used to hold the tiles and stones into place without the use of heavier materials such as cement. Unfortunately, grout can become weakened over time and peel away from the tile and stone which can lead to costly repairs. One of the best ways to prevent grout from weakening is by routinely cleaning it.

    Issues with Using Detergent Cleaners

    The most common chemical cleaner for tile, stone and grout is a detergent cleaner. This type of cleaner works by attaching to any soil particles and other debris. While using a wet mop on the stone or tile surface, a thin layer of detergent and soil solution is left on the porous surface of the grout. Over time, this residue becomes sticky and can actually cause more soil, dirt, and odors to collect within the porous material, leading to the deterioration of the grout, stone, or tile.

    Make a Split! Second Decision to Use Non-Detergent Cleaner

    Split! non-detergent cleaner is a safer and more effective solution to cleaning tile, stone and grout. The product works by micro-splitting all organic non-solid molecules into its base material for easier removal without leaving detergent residue behind. The products work with regular mopping and will even remove the previous buildup of detergent cleaners and soil housed within the grout. The result is a clean, soil and detergent-free surface that looks and feels much cleaner.

    How to Use Split! Cleaning Products

    Before use, ensure that the surfaces you are about to clean are not sealed. If they are, use a wax or sealer stripper before cleaning occurs. Next, dilute the Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner at 16oz per one gallon of cold water in a mop bucket or floor machine tank. Apply the solution to the surface and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes in order for the cleaner to get between the tile or stone and into the grout. Next, use a floor scrubber or hand-held bristled brush for hard-to-reach places and scrub the area vigorously until visible soil and bubbles are released. Make sure that the solution does not dry by removing the liquid using a wet/dry vacuum, also provided by Custodial Partners.

    Interested in the Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner? Order today by contacting Custodial Partners at (978) 499-5400 or filling out our quick order form here.

  • How to Protect Your Commercial Carpets This Winter

    It wouldn’t be a northeastern winter without the weather we dread – numbing cold, coupled with icy rains and freezing snow.

    But these issues have simple solutions – dress warm, put salt down for the snow, cover every inch of your body, etc. What about some more underlying problems, with less-simple solutions? That’s right – I’m talking about your carpets.

    Carpet Issues During the Winter

    People often don’t take care of their carpets enough year-round, and especially overlook them during the winter season. It is assumed that a strategically placed piece of cardboard or thick rug will suffice to trap all outside material (salt, snow, rain, etc.). However, this assumption is false – there is no direct way to provide your carpet with 100% protection, unless you place a heavy sheet of plastic over the carpet (which defeats the purpose of the carpet in the first place).

    This assumption also has the ability to make the situation worse. Every time you step outdoors, your shoes and clothing gain fragments of whatever you’re exposed to, whether that be snow, rain, salt, or bacteria. When you return and unknowingly carry it with you, bits of material fall from your body and get stuck in your carpet. Upon turning your heating system on, the cold moisture of the substance in the carpet partnered with the blasting heat provides the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, which can make you and your family ill or cause bad smells to emanate from the carpet. Stains can also result from complex chemical combinations, such as that of ice-melting salt and whichever household carpet cleaner you use. These stains solidify, and become much tougher to get out if not treated within a reasonable amount of time.

    Solutions for Clean Carpets this Winter

    So what can you do? Create a carpet cleaning schedule. Custodial Partners offers cleaning supplies to businesses that can protect your carpets in the harsh winter. Our janitorial supply and cleaning equipment company serves multiple areas of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with background in winter-related issues and carpet concerns. Feel free to call 978-499-5400 for a free consultation, and to figure out how to protect your floors during this frosty season.

  • How Does Cold Weather Affect Skin?

    We’re approaching mid-winter here in Massachusetts and you may have noticed that the temperatures are getting lower and lower. The other thing you might have noticed is changes in your skin. It is quite common for individuals to experience skin changes as the weather starts to take a downward spiral, and it’s important to take action sooner rather than later to prevent further irritation and dryness.

    Major Causes of Winter Skin Issues

    • Central Heating
      Central heating systems lower your indoor air’s humidity levels which can cause your skin to crack, flake and become irritated.
    • Cool, Low-Humidity Weather
      When outside in the cold winter weather, the dryness of the air causes the moisture on your skin to evaporate, eventually dehydrating you and causing your skin to crack.
    • Hot Showers
      Hot water from a shower or bath removes the protective oil layer your skin creates for itself in order to trap moisture. Once this layer is removed, your skin over-produces the oils and can cause breakouts. For others, the oil layer takes time to replace and causes flaking.
    • Temperature Fluctuations
      Going from a warm interior out into the cold weather causes your veins to expand and contract rapidly, causing redness and broken capillaries that may be difficult to get rid of.
    • Comfort Food
      There’s nothing like a hot bowl of clam chowder or chili during the winter months to warm you up, or sitting down to a holiday meal full of refined carbs and oils. Poor holiday season diets can have a negative effect on your skin and can cause breakouts.

    Products to Prevent Winter Skin Problems

    At Custodial Partners, we provide our customers with the most extensive selection of skin care products. We understand that many of our customers are engaged in hands-on activities that oftentimes take place outside. It’s important to take care of your skin during the winter, which is why we recommend the following products:

    Interested in learning more about our skin care products or other custodial equipment and janitorial supplies? Contact Custodial Partners today or view our products online.

  • How To Protect Wood Floors During Winter

    Winter is on its way into Massachusetts and homeowners and businesses throughout the state are bracing for yet another salty onslaught on their wood floors. Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any interior space and the installation isn’t cheap, so its important to know how to prevent your wood floors from damage this winter.

    What Causes Damage to Wood Floors

    Aside from the usual high traffic damage from people’s shoes, your floors have other enemies, including:

    • Pet’s claws
    • Dirt and dust
    • Water
    • and salt

    Salt is a major contributor to wood floor damage in Massachusetts because it is a corrosive material. Just as salt can ruin your car, it too can ruin the wood even though it may have a protective coating on it.

    Hardwood Floor Care Tips

    1. Use Rugs, Mats and Covers. Although floor runners and mats may not look appealing, they will end up saving you a lot of money in the end because they will be protecting your wood floors all winter long. Always make sure that guests either wipe their shoes or take them off before traveling elsewhere on the hardwood floor. Businesses should invest in long floor runner mats to ensure all the salt and moisture collects on the mat and not the floor.
    2. Sweep and Clean Weekly. Our janitorial equipment company recommends cleaning floors in high traffic areas at least once a week to remove salt and moisture from the floors. Don’t forget to stock up on wood floor care cleaner from Custodial Partners such as the MPC™ Prime Time WC Waterbased Wood Floor Cleaner or the MPC™ Crystal Cote 350 Polyurethane Wood Finish
    3. Maintain Correct Indoor Humidity and Temperature. This is one thing that many businesses and homeowners may not know affects wood floors. If you’ve ever seen wood floors that have split or have gaps between the planks, this is a flood that’s been subject to high levels of moisture and extreme temperatures. Wood floors do best in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees at 35-55% humidity. Be sure to use either a dehumidifier or a fan to remove excess moisture and don’t forget to set that thermostat to a temperature within this range.

    Looking to prolong the life of your beautiful wood floors this season? Protect your property from the ruinous effects of salt by contacting Custodial Partners. Our janitorial equipment and custodial supply company is here to provide you with cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for any surface!

  • Cleaning Supplies To Help You Prepare For Your Holiday Event

    It’s officially the holiday season and for many of us that means our weekends are booked up with holiday parties. If you are hosting a holiday party at an event space, within your company building or elsewhere, you’re going to want to stock up on cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment to make your life easier.

    Custodial Partners is here to provide you with everything from cleaning chemicals, flood machines, hospitality products, bathroom supplies and more so that your guests are comfortable and most of all impressed by the look and feel of your space. We have hundreds of products to choose from, but here is a list of our most popular and recommended products to help you prepare for your holiday event.

    • Morgro SNO-PLOW™ Ice Melter Make sure your guests can make it to the front door unharmed by scattering a thin coating of Morgro’s SNO-PLOW Ice Melter product. These granules work 3 times faster than the leading brand and they are colored to reduce over-application. This ice melting product also won’t harm the surrounding lawn and vegetation on your property.
    • Dial® White Marble Complexion Bar and Deodorant Bar For those having guests that are staying a night or two, it’s best to assume that not everyone will have brought their own toiletries. Custodial Partners has been providing hotels and community living centers with quality Dial hospitality products for over a decade. These little bars are affordable and are great for all skin types.
    • Cups and Lids Available in 7 or 12 oz., these one-piece construction cups are ideal for those having a large number of guests over for a holiday party. These products are odorless and tasteless so that the full flavor of the beverage comes through. These cups provide a more inviting appearance than foam or paper and are made of polystyrene.
    • ProTeam® ProGuard™ 4 Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum This portable, lightweight vacuum is perfect for cleaning up unexpected spills on both carpet and hard surfaces. Whether it’s a spilled drink or dropped food, this vacuum can clean up both wet and dry messes over both large and small surface areas.
    • Disinfectants and Sanitizers Before and after your holiday gathering this year, be sure to do a thorough clean of the space. Opt for disinfectants and sanitizers that work on contact and can kill germs, viruses and other pathogens. Custodial Partners provides a wide variety of disinfectants in aerosol form, wipes, liquid, and powder tablets.

    Order now or contact us to ask for pricing. Don’t wait until the last minute to order your cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment!