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  • Arm Yourself Against The Flu With These Disinfectants

    Health experts and government officials are currently warning citizens that this year is going to be a big flu season. Since the greater Boston area has been through some rough winters in the past few years, we need to make sure that this warning does not go unheeded. The flu virus is notorious for spreading quickly and can temporarily wipe out entire schools, hospital wings, and commercial offices. Luckily, the best fight against viruses and bacteria is taking preventative measures.

    Our janitorial supply and custodial equipment company in Boston, Cambridge and surrounding areas believes in the strategic and regular use of chemical disinfectants. Here is our go-to list of disinfectant products capable of being used on all surfaces.

    • Brulin Products. This entire line of disinfectant products is top notch. Our janitorial supply and cleaning equipment company provides Brulin’s best-selling products such as Brulin’s Performex RTU disinfectant cleaner and the Brulin TerraGreen HyPer Maxx Cleaner which work to disinfect surfaces faster than leading brands.
    • Clorox Products. When it comes to versatility, there’s nothing better and more readily accessible than Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. These handy sanitizer wipes are gentle enough to be used on all surfaces and don’t require the user to wear any cleaning gloves.They are perfect to pass around office spaces and school classrooms.
    • Soft Scrub Products. The Soft Scrub Antibacterial Gel w/Bleach Cleanser should be your go-to if you need a chemical cleaner that’s gentle yet has the power of bleach. This cleaning product kills 99.9% of all germs and pathogens, which means you’re in good shape against the flu virus this season.

    There are hundreds of chemical disinfectants out there that you can choose from. However, our professional cleaning supply company recommends the above three for their versatility, affordability, and effectiveness. Interested in shopping around for other options? Browse our entire selection of cleaning chemicals here.

    When you’re ready to place an order, simply give us a call or contact us online.

  • Reduce Sick Days; Teach Your Child Proper Hand Washing

    School will be back in session before we know it, and that means your child is going to be bombarded with germs and viruses. Hundreds of thousands of germs are passed around every day inside a single classroom due to the fact that there are many hands-on activities and shared communal areas.

    In elementary schools, there tend to be more germs found than in high schools simply due to the fact that hand washing techniques may not be an established routine for your child just yet. Custodial Partners urges parents and teachers to instill good hand washing techniques throughout the day in order to reduce the number of sick days taken during the year.

    Surfaces with the most germs in an elementary classroom

    Make sure your kids are aware of the following surfaces in an elementary school classroom. If they come into contact with this surfaces, they should always wash their hands shortly afterwards and avoid touching any orifices.

    • Drinking fountain
    • Shared school supplies such as dry erase markers and straight rulers
    • Doorknobs
    • Desk surfaces
    • Keyboards and mouses (if a computer is present)
    • Other electronics such as tablets used for learning purposes

    How kids should be washing their hands

    For teachers, on the very first day of school you should sit down with your class and go over the proper handwashing technique. This includes warm water, an anti-bacterial soap — which can be purchased from Custodial Partners — as well as 30 seconds of their time. Make sure hands are thoroughly soaked under warm water, then apply a quarter-sized dollop of anti-bacterial soap such as Deb’s foaming soap products or Softsoap’s liquid hand soap.

    Make sure that once the school year starts up that your classroom and your school are properly prepared for impending cold and flu season. Custodial Partners stresses the importance of stocking up on essential skin care and sanitation products. All of our products can be ordered in bulk so you don’t need to worry about running out any time soon. Order for your classroom today!

  • Fight Against Viruses & Germs With Brulin’s Performex RTU Disinfectant Cleaner

    We’re approaching the first day of school as well as the fall season, and when the leaves start to fly, so do the germs and viruses. It’s important to keep surface areas that see a high amount of activity throughout the day disinfected in order to reduce the spread of germs and diseases this season.

    Why Choose Performex RTU Disinfectant Cleaner

    Make Brulin’s Performex RTU disinfectant cleaner your go-to disinfectant. This disinfectant works in less than two minutes upon surface contact, killing pathogens such as HIV-1, bloodborne illnesses, and the notorious norovirus that has a knack for spreading across schools, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals. Not only will the Performex RTU disinfect, but also deodorize the area in question. This non-acidic liquid cleaner is the perfect solution for those looking to save time and combat germs.

    The Risk of Using Other Disinfectants

    Our janitorial equipment and cleaning product company in the Boston area unfortunately sees many disinfectants used improperly. Common disinfectants, once applied to a surface, need to sit for a long time for them to be effective in killing off germs and viruses. Most of the time the liquid disinfectant will be rubbed or washed off well before it can fully do its job. Luckily with Performex RTU there’s no need to wait 5 or more minutes for the product to work its magic — everything is disinfected within 2 minutes or less!

    How to Use Brulin’s Performex RTU Product

    Brulin’s Performex RTU is available in 1 quart sized bottles for easy transportation, handling, and storage. Custodial Partners recommends only using this cleaning product when disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and other metal surfaces, and wood. Whether its dirt, grime, food residue or blood and other organic matter, reach for Performex RTU and rest assured that your surface will be sufficiently free of germs.

    Order Brulin’s Performex RTU by contacting Custodial Partners today at 978.499.5400 or by filling out our online contact form

  • Introducing Deb Solopol GFX Hand Soap

    As one of the leading brands in skin care and sanitation, Deb has been creating heavy duty soap products for the toughest dirt, grease and grime. Their latest achievement, the Solopol® GFX™, is an innovative new way to quickly and efficiently remove oil and dirt without damaging the skin.

    Many products on the market right now will also remove dirt and grease, but only after multiple washes. Having to wash your hands two, three or even four times in a row can leave them chapped and raw. Many industry workers will opt for gloves as a result, but wearing gloves on the job can make for clumsy work and job inefficiency. Instead, opt for the Solopol® GFX™.

    Free of dangerous solvents and pumice, this environmentally friendly heavy duty soap works quickly into a thick lather in order to get to every bit of the grime and oil. Be sure to follow standard hand washing procedures, such as using lukewarm water and washing for at least 30 seconds, making sure to work the suds under the nails and between fingers.

    The Solopol® GFX™ rinses away quickly and completely and does not clog drains with removed residue!

    Check out this on-the-job product review of Deb’s Solopol® GFX™ from Smithfield Plant employees. Order your heavy duty soap today from Custodial Partners.

  • Busy Season For Boston Hotels, Stock Up On Hospitality Products

    Summertime is the busy season for the greater Boston area’s hotels as tourists from all over the country and the world flock to see the sights. Whether you have a hotel in the Seaport, Harbor, Cambridge or Back Bay area, it’s important to be prepared for increased numbers of guests throughout the season.

    At Custodial Partners, we understand that it’s important for your hotel’s reputation to have the best products available to your guests, which is why we carry the best hospitality products on the market.

    Our Dial hospitality line of products includes:

    • Conditioning Shampoo
      This 1 oz. conditioning shampoo from Dial comes in stylish packaging that will match any decor and has an invigorating and pleasant scent.
    • Facial Soap
      The Dial White Marble Complexion Bar is a gentle, dermatologist-tested bar that is odorless and contains no harsh chemicals.
    • Bar Soap
      This White Marble Deodorant Bar is antibacterial and serves as a deodorant whose scent is not overpowering and is great for all skin types.


  • Custodial Partners Stresses Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

    Baz Luhrmann was right when he released his 1999 hit “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” spoken song about the importance of wearing sunscreen (among other life lessons). Wearing sunscreen is as important as ever in the fight against skin cancer and premature aging, and it’s especially important for those in the custodial industry.

    For those who put in long hours outside maintaining properties, sunscreen application should be an added daily ritual similar in importance to that of brushing one’s teeth. When we talk about the sun’s UV rays causing damage to our skin, what’s really happening on a microscopic level is that each skin cell’s DNA is being permanently damaged. Sometimes the cells with the damaged DNA successfully replicate and can eventually become harmful to our health. In this instance, cancerous growths can occur.

    It’s estimated that 87,110 new cases of Melanoma — the most aggressive form of skin cancer — will be diagnosed in the year 2017, 9,730 of whom will ultimately die of the disease.

    As a company whose main concern is the safety of your custodial staff, we urge commercial businesses to purchase sun protection for your employees who are exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes every day. Landscaping and exterior cleaning jobs are performed on a more regular basis during the summer months, which means an increased risk of severe sunburns. Deb skin care products are an effective solution to ensuring that your janitorial staff is protected throughout the day while on the job.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Deb’s skin protection products or would like to place an order, please contact Custodial Partners today!

  • Essential Cleaning Supplies For Small Businesses

    If you’re in charge of custodial duties for a small business in the greater Boston area, there are plenty of options for cleaning supplies to choose from. However, not all cleaning supplies in Boston are created equal, and sometimes the product in question doesn’t work for the size of the space you need to maintain.

    REN Escalator Cleaning SystemFor larger spaces such as warehouses, department stores and multi-story corporate office buildings one can simply purchase larger cleaning equipment such as auto scrubbers and auto floor machines. When it comes to cleaning smaller spaces, different tools are needed.

    Here at Custodial Partners, we provide the best and most efficient cleaning supplies so you can get the job done in no time.

    Types of Cleaning Supply Products

    • Buckets and wringers
    • Mops
    • Window cleaners
    • Sponges
    • Signage
    • Carts
    • Brooms and dust pans

    Be Prepared for Anything

    These essential cleaning supplies will help you complete a thorough cleaning job of any room. Each of these types of products play an important role in the janitorial process of maintaining a small business building. Keep in mind that just having one or two of these cleaning supply products won’t be efficient — we recommend ordering each of these items to ensure you are fully prepared for any type of mess or cleaning job.

    If you’re looking to restock your janitorial closet, contact Custodial Partners today for pricing details. Please let us know what type of building you are maintaining so we can better assist you with product recommendations!

  • Bring Out The Shine With Floor Burnishers

    It’s time to give those floors a good shine! Non-carpeted flooring is generally easy to take care of, but it can often collect scuff marks and display footprints quite visibly. There’s always the traditional approach of using a wet mop to apply burnishing products the surface of your floors, but this work is tedious and often inefficient.

    Instead, Custodial Partners recommends floor burnishers. Our janitorial equipment company in Boston provides businesses with electric, battery-powered, and propane floor burnisher options.

    Electric floor burnishers

    This type of floor burnisher is a real time-saver for the user. All of our products, such as the Hawk HP1520-HSBDC High Speed Burnisher offer ample amounts of cable so that you can cover both small or large areas without having to switch outlets mid-clean. One downside to electric floor burnishers however is that there is a cord that you will need to watch out for during the cleaning process.

    Battery-powered floor burnishers

    Unlike the electric floor burnishers, battery-operated floor burnishers don’t have the inconvenience of a cord and are perfect for those who have smaller facility spaces to clean. The batteries of all our floor burnishing products are long-lasting, such as the NSS® Charger 2022ABLT Battery Burnisher and it’s 2.5 hour battery life. This allows you to tackle the areas you need to clean in a more efficient manner. Keep in mind that the battery will run out eventually, unlike it’s electric counterpart.

    Propane floor burnisher

    Perfect for dry burnishing and restorative burnishing, the propane floor burnisher is a go-to for many custodians who need to work around corners and reach under racks. The propane floor burnisher runs on an engine, which means it’s longer lasting than the battery-powered option and there’s no cable to deal with like the electric option. All of our propane floor burnishers, such as the Aztec Reliant Propane Burnisher are UL and CGA approved and meet CARB and EPA emissions standards.

    Interested in learning more about how floor burnishers can help speed up the cleaning process all while providing a better shine? Contact Custodial Partners today!

  • School’s Out For Summer: It’s Cleaning Time!

    With all the colleges in the New England area wrapping up this month, it’s now time to get ready for “the deep clean.” We don’t just mean a quick sweep through the hallways; we’re talking about every nook and cranny. Or perhaps your business is slower during the summer months due to employees taking off for summer vacations throughout the season. Whatever the reason for your deep clean, Custodial Partners is here to help you get the job done in a timely fashion so that you can get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

    Speeding Up The Cleaning Process

    We’re all about making things more efficient here at our janitorial equipment company, which is why we stress the importance of investing in quality cleaning equipment. Below are just a few cleaning equipment essentials that are great for buildings with non-carpeted floors.

    • Burnishers. These are great for making tile and linoleum floors sparkle and shine. Many of our burnishers are smaller in size and are very maneuverable and relatively lightweight. Burnishers such as the Hawk HCF1520-1500 Compact Fold-Up High-Speed Burnisher are great for smaller-sized classrooms, convenience stores with narrow isles and medical exam rooms.
    • Automated Scrubbers. Automated floor scrubbers are ideal for those who need to cover large surface areas in a timely manner. These are mostly used for schools, hospitals, grocery stores and warehouses and come equipped with large water/solution tanks. The NSS® Wrangler 2625DB Autoscrubber, for example, includes a massive 25 gallon solution tank for better efficiency.
    • Wet/Dry Vacuum. Your cleaning equipment room wouldn’t be complete without a wet/dry vacuum. This piece of equipment works best to remove the loose dirt and debris from hard floors or carpeted floors before you bring in the automated scrubbers and burnishers. Our 20 gallon ProTeam® ProGuard™ 20 Wet/Dry Vacuum allows for the best maneuverability without sacrificing performance.

    Interested in any additional janitorial equipment or cleaning supplies for this season? Check out our catalog here or contact us for pricing questions and delivery information.

  • Custodial Partners Dedicated to Happy, Healthy Hands with Deb Products

    Our Boston area cleaning supply company is dedicated to providing our customers with the best cleaning products in the industry. We offer everything from cleaning equipment and janitorial cleaning products to grounds maintenance and safety products.

    Aside from cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment, one of our largest product categories is skin care. Custodial Partners is proud to provide customers with a variety of Deb Products.

    Why Deb Skin Care Products?

    Dedicated to increasing awareness and providing proper skin care and hand sanitation in the workplace, Deb is a leading soap supplier for businesses large and small who hope to improve workplace sanitary conditions without going over budget. Deb’s soap and soap dispensing products are the perfect solution for any type of industry, such as industrial, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive and hospitality.

    Custodial Partners Provides Deb Products

    At Custodial Partners, we personally choose each and every one of our brands and products to fit our customer needs. This means that all products are extensively researched and approved for sale on our website. Our cleaning product and janitorial equipment company provides Deb soap on account of their high quality, effective products which are cost efficient for the end consumer. Custodial Partners provides the following Deb products online:

    • Dispensers and accessories
    • Washroom cleansers
    • Sanitizers
    • Antibacterial cleansers
    • Hand creams and more

    For more information regarding pricing or product availability, please contact Custodial Partners at 978.499.5400 or contact us here for general questions.