Custodial Partners Online Ordering

Mission Statement

Our customers are our partners. Our mission is to provide them with the pricing and product selection of a large company together with the flexibility, speed and personal attention of a family business. We are passionate in helping our customers maintain their facilities in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Our Core Values

Integrity is the foundation of our business. The highest standard of ethical behavior is followed in all of our work. We do what is right.

Commitment to improve is constant. We are never just “satisfied”. We are always looking out for better ways to help our customers.

We are completely respectful of all of our customers and their needs. The same is true for our supplier partners. Our relationships must be mutually beneficial for all to succeed.

We learn by listening and sharing information with our customers and suppliers. This communication of products and processes helps us all become more innovative and creative.

We take pride in promoting environmentally friendly products that will help ensure a sustainable future and create healthy, safe and clean facilities everywhere.