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ProTeam VacuumKnown as the “Heart of the Commonwealth”, Worcester is known for it’s large number pharmaceutical, health, and insurance companies in the city, along with universities. The area recently saw a revival in commercial business — and every business needs to have a clean space in order to operate. Our janitorial equipment and cleaning supply company in Worcester is here to provide you and your staff with the tools needed to clean any room and any surface in your building. Whether you’re responsible for a large warehouse or retail store, a tight-quartered financial office, or a sprawling community living complex, our custodial equipment company has a solution for you.

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Custodial Partners is a leading supplier of janitorial, sanitary maintenance supplies and equipment for Worcester. We focus on supplying innovative, cost-effective, productivity-enhancing cleaning solutions, including environmentally beneficial “green” products , for virtually every type of facility in Worcester. It’s important to make sure you have the proper equipment for the size of the building you’re maintaining. Without the right custodial supplies and equipment, you could be spending hundreds of dollars extra. Let our Worcester cleaning supply company help you determine what products will work best for your building.Floor fan

Large biotech companies in the Worcester area will be much easier to maintain with cleaning equipment such as auto scrubbers, while basic cleaning supplies and chemical cleaners are ideal for smaller storefronts. We understand that you need an efficient, reliable cleaning product no matter what cleaning task you’re up against, which is why Custodial Partners carries a large selection of products to choose from.

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