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As Northern New England’s largest city, Manchester is home to both residential neighborhoods, a bustling downtown district, and commercial spaces. Once an old mill town, Manchester’s deserted factory buildings and mills have been renovated for different commercial uses. Those that are occupied today need to be well maintained, and that’s where our cleaning products and janitorial equipment comes in handy for your staff.

Why Choose Our Manchester Janitorial Equipment Company

Custodial Partners is the best place to get quality custodial and janitorial supplies and equipment for any facility in Manchester, NH. Our selection of chemicals, paper products, vacuum cleaners, and everything else you need for effective facility sanitation is extensive and competitively priced. Our convenient location in Newburyport MA makes it easy for us to commute up to Manchester NH to deliver the supplies and products you need to keep your space clean. Choose from the best brand name products in the industry, such as Deb, HOSPECO, Claire, and Dixie.

REN Escalator Cleaning SystemNo matter what types of surfaces you need to clean or how large of an area you need to manage, our janitorial supply company in Manchester NH has a solution for you. Choose from floor machines, automatic scrubbers, and wet/dry vacuums to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently. Order quality restroom and hospitality supplies in bulk, or select your preferred cleaning chemical from our extensive collection. Custodial Partners stresses the importance of worker and environmental safety, which is why we also provide green cleaning products and safety kits.

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