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Proguard vacuumBoston is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Northeast; it’s composed of businesses large and small, local and national, as well as some of the world’s leading universities. Keeping these factories, businesses and academic buildings clean adds to their ongoing success. Our Boston cleaning supply company’s goal is to make sure you can get the job done quickly and efficiently — no matter what type of property you maintain.

Why Choose Our Boston Janitorial Equipment Company

Custodial Partners is a leading New England supplier of janitorial equipment, sanitary maintenance supplies, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. We focus on supplying innovative, cost effective, productivity enhancing cleaning solutions including environmentally beneficial “green products”, for virtually every type of facility in Boston.

Our Boston cleaning supply company emphasizes the importance of ordering the right cleaning product or chemical cleaner for the job at hand. For instance, using a handheld floor machine to cover the ground of a warehouse won’t be as efficient as using an auto scrubber. We understand that the industry relies heavily on the most efficient product, so let our custodial equipment company help you determine which is best for your needs!

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