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Proper Skin Care and Sanitation

Proper skin care for you and your janitorial staff is important in order to prevent illness. Taking care of a large commercial or office building, school or community living center means that you will be exposed to millions of germs while on the job. At Custodial Partners, we want to stress proper sanitation and skin care techniques as well as give you insight into what products work best to keeping your hands clean.

(Solopol GFX demo video below)

Scary Facts About Germs

  • Restaurant menus, restroom door handles and keyboards are some of the worst offenders in terms of the number of germs found that can cause illness.
  • Only 67% of people practice any sort of hand hygiene and sanitation.
  • A study on Detroit school children noted that those who washed their hands had 24% fewer sick days due to respiratory illness and 51% fewer sick days due to upset stomach.

To prevent both the spread of germs and falling ill yourself, it’s important to practice proper hand washing techniques. Individuals should wash their hands with lukewarm water and liquid soap for 15-30 seconds, working up a lather and making sure to get between the fingers and underneath the nails as best as possible. Rinse thoroughly and remember to dry your hands completely, as germs spread 1,000x faster on wet hands.

Determining the Most Effective Soap and Skin Care Products

For those jobs that require you to get your hands dirty, you want a powerful skin care product to remove germs, dirt and stains. Many brands state they remove these with ease, yet not many live up to the claim. Our janitorial equipment company carries only the best name brands in skin care and sanitation products. Don’t risk the chance that your staff members will fall ill due to ineffective products. Custodial Partners recommends Deb skin care products. As the leading brand in skin care and sanitation, Deb provides dozens of options for workplaces small and large. Their latest product, the Solopol GFX, is the leading brand in removing tough grease and oils. Watch the video below for a demonstration!

Reduce the spread of germs in your workplace and effectively remove dirt and grime from your hands with Deb skin care products, provided by Custodial Partners. Order today!