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School’s Out For Summer: It’s Cleaning Time!

With all the colleges in the New England area wrapping up this month, it’s now time to get ready for “the deep clean.” We don’t just mean a quick sweep through the hallways; we’re talking about every nook and cranny. Or perhaps your business is slower during the summer months due to employees taking off for summer vacations throughout the season. Whatever the reason for your deep clean, Custodial Partners is here to help you get the job done in a timely fashion so that you can get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Speeding Up The Cleaning Process

We’re all about making things more efficient here at our janitorial equipment company, which is why we stress the importance of investing in quality cleaning equipment. Below are just a few cleaning equipment essentials that are great for buildings with non-carpeted floors.

  • Burnishers. These are great for making tile and linoleum floors sparkle and shine. Many of our burnishers are smaller in size and are very maneuverable and relatively lightweight. Burnishers such as the Hawk HCF1520-1500 Compact Fold-Up High-Speed Burnisher are great for smaller-sized classrooms, convenience stores with narrow isles and medical exam rooms.
  • Automated Scrubbers. Automated floor scrubbers are ideal for those who need to cover large surface areas in a timely manner. These are mostly used for schools, hospitals, grocery stores and warehouses and come equipped with large water/solution tanks. The NSS® Wrangler 2625DB Autoscrubber, for example, includes a massive 25 gallon solution tank for better efficiency.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum. Your cleaning equipment room wouldn’t be complete without a wet/dry vacuum. This piece of equipment works best to remove the loose dirt and debris from hard floors or carpeted floors before you bring in the automated scrubbers and burnishers. Our 20 gallon ProTeam® ProGuard™ 20 Wet/Dry Vacuum allows for the best maneuverability without sacrificing performance.

Interested in any additional janitorial equipment or cleaning supplies for this season? Check out our catalog here or contact us for pricing questions and delivery information.

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