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How to Protect Your Commercial Carpets This Winter

It wouldn’t be a northeastern winter without the weather we dread – numbing cold, coupled with icy rains and freezing snow.

But these issues have simple solutions – dress warm, put salt down for the snow, cover every inch of your body, etc. What about some more underlying problems, with less-simple solutions? That’s right – I’m talking about your carpets.

Carpet Issues During the Winter

People often don’t take care of their carpets enough year-round, and especially overlook them during the winter season. It is assumed that a strategically placed piece of cardboard or thick rug will suffice to trap all outside material (salt, snow, rain, etc.). However, this assumption is false – there is no direct way to provide your carpet with 100% protection, unless you place a heavy sheet of plastic over the carpet (which defeats the purpose of the carpet in the first place).

This assumption also has the ability to make the situation worse. Every time you step outdoors, your shoes and clothing gain fragments of whatever you’re exposed to, whether that be snow, rain, salt, or bacteria. When you return and unknowingly carry it with you, bits of material fall from your body and get stuck in your carpet. Upon turning your heating system on, the cold moisture of the substance in the carpet partnered with the blasting heat provides the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, which can make you and your family ill or cause bad smells to emanate from the carpet. Stains can also result from complex chemical combinations, such as that of ice-melting salt and whichever household carpet cleaner you use. These stains solidify, and become much tougher to get out if not treated within a reasonable amount of time.

Solutions for Clean Carpets this Winter

So what can you do? Create a carpet cleaning schedule. Custodial Partners offers cleaning supplies to businesses that can protect your carpets in the harsh winter. Our janitorial supply and cleaning equipment company serves multiple areas of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with background in winter-related issues and carpet concerns. Feel free to call 978-499-5400 for a free consultation, and to figure out how to protect your floors during this frosty season.

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