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How To Protect Wood Floors During Winter

Winter is on its way into Massachusetts and homeowners and businesses throughout the state are bracing for yet another salty onslaught on their wood floors. Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any interior space and the installation isn’t cheap, so its important to know how to prevent your wood floors from damage this winter.

What Causes Damage to Wood Floors

Aside from the usual high traffic damage from people’s shoes, your floors have other enemies, including:

  • Pet’s claws
  • Dirt and dust
  • Water
  • and salt

Salt is a major contributor to wood floor damage in Massachusetts because it is a corrosive material. Just as salt can ruin your car, it too can ruin the wood even though it may have a protective coating on it.

Hardwood Floor Care Tips

  1. Use Rugs, Mats and Covers. Although floor runners and mats may not look appealing, they will end up saving you a lot of money in the end because they will be protecting your wood floors all winter long. Always make sure that guests either wipe their shoes or take them off before traveling elsewhere on the hardwood floor. Businesses should invest in long floor runner mats to ensure all the salt and moisture collects on the mat and not the floor.
  2. Sweep and Clean Weekly. Our janitorial equipment company recommends cleaning floors in high traffic areas at least once a week to remove salt and moisture from the floors. Don’t forget to stock up on wood floor care cleaner from Custodial Partners such as the MPC™ Prime Time WC Waterbased Wood Floor Cleaner or the MPC™ Crystal Cote 350 Polyurethane Wood Finish
  3. Maintain Correct Indoor Humidity and Temperature. This is one thing that many businesses and homeowners may not know affects wood floors. If you’ve ever seen wood floors that have split or have gaps between the planks, this is a flood that’s been subject to high levels of moisture and extreme temperatures. Wood floors do best in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees at 35-55% humidity. Be sure to use either a dehumidifier or a fan to remove excess moisture and don’t forget to set that thermostat to a temperature within this range.

Looking to prolong the life of your beautiful wood floors this season? Protect your property from the ruinous effects of salt by contacting Custodial Partners. Our janitorial equipment and custodial supply company is here to provide you with cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for any surface!

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