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How a Clean Workplace Promotes Productivity

Finding the time to keep a clean work area is something that many employees and employers struggle with, but what if taking that extra time actually improved productivity? It turns out it does! There have been several studies and surveys that show a clean workplace sees better productivity from employees. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find out exactly why that is – here’s what we learned.

Improved Focus

Having a cluttered workplace leads to a cluttered mind. When everything is put in its place, you’ll be able to quickly reach and grab what you need as you work. That means staying focused on the task at hand rather than straying mentally as you search for an item. This consistent focus will improve productivity and work time by allowing employees to use as much of their time as possible actually spent working.

Less Stress

Stress is a powerful thing that can lead to a variety of health issues. It’s been proven that by reducing workplace clutter, stress levels are lowered. Stress can lead to slow productivity, fatigue, and many other symptoms that hinder progress in the workplace. Simply taking the time to clear the workspace before you begin your day could be the key to creating a workspace that you’re happy to spend time at, rather than a stressful one that you dread.

Improved Morale

If each employee works to keep their personal space clean, the workplace as a whole will be clean. Cleanliness leads to improved morale because employees are able to see their workplace as organized and productive. Morale is contagious and that means that if you can get a few employees on board, others will soon follow. A positive workplace morale creates a sense of pride in the work that’s being completed. That pride leads to improved productivity without the employees even trying to improve it! It’s a proven fact that you work faster and more effectively if you’re in a good mood.

Contact Custodial Partners for Cleaning Supplies

To begin creating a clean and organized workplace for your employees it’s important to lead by example. To create a habit consider using the first or last ten minutes of the workday for everyone to clean and organize their workspace. You’ll also want to stock up on all of the necessary cleaning supplies that your team may need; Disinfectants, dusters, sponges, and more. Custodial Partners provides efficient and effective cleaning solutions that will make these tasks easy for everyone. Order online today, or give us a call at 978-499-5400 to learn more!

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