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Split! Solutions

At Custodial Partners, we not only aim to provide you with high quality and efficient cleaning products, but we also take pride in our commitment to the environment. Up until this point, green cleaning products have come a long way, but have been mostly detergent-based. Detergent works by being sticky, leaving an undesirable residue on every surface it touches. This residue then collects soil from our shoes, hands, etc, causing your surfaces to rapidly re-soil. That is why we proudly recommend our revolutionary Split! Non-detergent cleaners, containing no detergent at all.

How do non-detergent cleaners work?

These industrial strength cleaners work by splitting the soil into small particles of matter, blasting them into bits small enough to be wiped away. Split! Solutions leaves you with a truly clean surface. It can remove tough soil, biofilm, and even old detergent residues, leaving nothing behind to attract more dirt. Surfaces will also stay clean 4 to 8 times longer, meaning less frequent cleanings. This will save you time, in addition to your savings on electricity, fresh water, treatment of soiled water, and volume of packaging to landfills. Split! Solutions can safely be used on carpets, stainless steel, and hardwood floors.

Split! Solutions are…

  • Detergent-free
  • VOC & solvent free
  • No oxidizers/bleaching agents (like peroxide)
  • No bacteria or enzymes
  • Patented ingredients for removing germs and bio-film
  • Exceeds green testing standards

Split! Solutions are a safer, smarter, and more effective way to clean without detergents. Contact Custodial Partners today to learn more and order yours today!

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