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Why Keeping a Clean School is Crucial

Now that school is back in session and the dreaded cold winter months are just around the corner, it’s crucial to remember just how important it is to keep schools clean and germ-free. It won’t be long before one child is out with a cold, and the next thing you know it has circulated throughout half the classroom. It always feels like a vicious, never-ending cycle for the rest of the winter. In fact, nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold. There are so many places that bacteria can live in a school environment, and cold/flu viruses can live on these surfaces for up to 48 hours. Therefore, it is essential that our schools are being cleaned thoroughly and in a timely manner. Have you ever thought about how the cleanliness of a school may be affecting children’s education?

Healthy students remain focused:

On average, elementary students contract 8-10 cold or flu cases every year. Schools can help to decrease that number by keeping their facilities clean and the spread of germs to a minimum. With fewer absences, students are able to focus better and miss out on less at school. When kids miss several days in a row, they often get behind and struggle to get back on track with the curriculum.

Less Teacher Absenteeism

It goes without saying that teachers play a vital role in educating their students. In addition to the absences of students, teachers miss an average of about 5 days each year. A teacher that frequently misses school can have serious effects on the quality of education that students are receiving. Keeping schools clean can help not only students but teachers also to stay healthy and able to stay on track with the curriculum.

Clean Schools can Increase Funds for Other Resources

While it may be fairly obvious the implications that a dirty school can have on the health of children, people often neglect the high costs that are also associated with a dirty school. When teachers miss a day of school, a substitute has to be paid to fill in. Did you know that when teachers are absent it costs the school system $25 billion annually, on top of the $4 billion spent of substitutes? Think about what could be done with that money if it could be allocated to other school resources. Although it may seem expensive to clean the schools, it can actually save you in the long run.

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It is evident that keeping a clean school is essential to a healthy and successful school system. Check out our online catalog of products to help keep your school clean and germ-free this season!

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