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The Truth Behind Green Cleaning Products

As a janitorial equipment and custodial cleaning supply company, it’s our job to provide a wide variety of cleaning products. We never include products that aren’t built for the task at hand, and that includes certified Green products (among other chemical cleaners). There’s often a stigma against these environmentally friendly products as being “less effective” than their more potent counterparts, but in reality, Green certified chemical cleaners can get the job done just as well.

Companies such as Seventh Generation and Method have made it a priority to exclude chemicals that are known to cause serious side effects in humans during one-time use and after repeated use. Chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine are toxic if safety precautions aren’t enforced and custodians aren’t careful with the handling of these chemicals. Green certified chemicals are not only better for human use, but also for the environment.

If you decide to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products, it’s important to note a few differences:

  • First, Green products will be slightly more expensive than their more toxic counterparts. This is due to the manufacturing process.
  • Second, environmentally friendly products may take some more elbow grease during the cleaning process in order to achieve the same results as more harsh chemical cleaners. However, the results from Green products are the same as chemical products when used as directed.

Not sure if a product is Green certified or not? Here is a helpful review on what labels to look for. Our Boston area custodial equipment and janitorial supply company has multiple Green certified chemical cleaning options. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order!

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