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Malish’s Sonic Scrub Combines Deep Cleaning & Extra Durability

Malish Sonic Scrub


Malish is bringing a new, long-lasting brush to the oscillating floor scrubber industry. The Sonic Scrub combines versatility, ease of use, and Malish’s industry-leading effectiveness into a money-saving long-lasting brush type.

Superior Effectiveness, Exceptional Versatility

The Sonic Scrub’s materials and design are aimed at cleaning the toughest surfaces more effectively, and with ease. Created for ceramic/quarry/raised disc rubber tile, VCT, concrete, and Terrazzo floors. Its dual filament design provides excellent deep scrubbing, especially in deep grout lines and on uneven floor surfaces. Flared tufting provides corner-to-corner cleaning. The Sonic Scrub does not cut corners.

The Sonic Scrub is designed to fit any 14”x20” oscillating floor machines, including stick, walk behind, and riders. There’s no driver block required, making installation and replacement a simple and quick task. Installation is as easy as aligning the brush and pressing. Removal is as simple as pulling on pre-molded tabs.


Sonic Scrub Close-up

Save Time, Save Money

Malish used extra-tough materials and quality construction to give the Sonic Scrub unbeatable durability. The innovative design is tufted with polypropylene & durable nylon filament, designed to get into deep grout lines and scrub uneven surfaces with ease. In addition to its superior effectiveness, the Sonic Scrub also outlasts typical scrub brushes 20 times over! The Sonic Scrub cuts out the cost of replacement brushes by outlasting them 20-to-1.

That means less time spent switching out brushes instead of getting the job done. And since the Sonic Scrub is more effective on some of the most troublesome surfaces, getting the job done is quicker than ever. The extra-long lifespan makes it the right choice for any budget– saving you 85% over the life of a single Sonic Scrub.

Custodial Partners will carry the Sonic Scrub when it arrives in Spring 2016, so you can put one in your normal order with us. Just check our online catalog. If you’d like to learn more about the Sonic Scrub, any other product we carry, or how Custodial Partners can raise your facilities management capabilities, call us at 978-499-5400, or email us at

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