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Game-Changing: REN Escalator Cleaning Tools

Escalators do several things, and they do those several things well. Most importantly, they transport foot traffic up or down inside a facility– a very attractive ride for walkers. But they also get very, very dirty, and are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning.

On the one hand, this seems surprising. Escalators are the most expensive square footage of flooring in a building, and see the greatest amount of foot traffic per square foot– perhaps excepting the main entrance. Dirt, grease, and grime buildup on these very expensive and vital systems means increased wear and tear, leading to more frequent downtime. Escalators also feature some of the highest levels of exposure to slip and fall liability– a serious risk for passengers and businesses alike, only made riskier by poor cleaning and maintenance.

On the other hand, the logistics of escalator cleaning can make everyday maintenance unfeasible. REN Clean has just changed that.

REN Clean has created a solution for escalator cleaning that is fast, easy, and inexpensive. The REN Escalator Cleaning Tool enables facilities maintenance crews to clean an escalator in just a few minutes, without having to shut the system off. Minimal disruption of passenger traffic and easy cleaning means that with the REN Escalator Cleaning Tool there’s no reason why your building’s escalators should look shabby again.

The REN Cleaning Tool is a long-handled cleaning system which accepts REN’s replaceable escalator cleaning pads. These pads settle into the grooves of escalator steps, backed up against the top or bottom stop of the escalator, with moderate downward pressure applied by a worker.

REN Escalator Cleaning Pad

The forward motion and small mechanical vibration of the steps, the grime-cutting action of REN’s specially-formulated cleaning solution, and the wicking action of the cleaning pad material combine to break down and lift away all the dirt that has been collecting on the escalator surface. The end result is a clean escalator in as little as five minutes, with little effort.

Custodial Partners distributes all elements of REN’s Escalator Cleaning System: Tool, Pads, and TREAD CLEAN solution– available now!

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