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Introducing the Brulin Maxima Germicidal Detergent

There’s cleaning chemicals and cleaning detergents, and then there’s the Brulin® Maxima 256 Germicidal Detergent. Brulin is a cutting edge company with some of the most effective cleaning products on the market that are used in schools, retirement communities, and workplaces around the world.

About the Brulin® Maxima 256 Germicidal Detergent

This germicidal detergent is a one-product, go-to choice for all your sanitation needs. The product is powerful enough to be used on glass surfaces, porcelain, tile, ceramic and any other non-porous material. The Brulin Maxima can be used as a cleanser and even a lime and soap scum remover. Make your surfaces shine while killing viruses and bacteria by using nearly half the amount of product as other leading chemical cleaning agents.

Benefits of the Brulin® Maxima 256 Germicidal Detergent

Like all Brulin products, the Germicidal Detergent is mild to the skin and does not give off potent fumes. This cleaning agent is also less damaging to floors due to it’s low pH levels and works well on floors, walls and even painted surfaces. The Maxima Germicidal Detergent is available from Custodial Partners in a 2.5 gallon container, 64 ounce container, and a 32 ounce canteen for all your daily needs. Contact our cleaning supply and janitorial equipment today to order your Brulin® Maxima 256 Germicidal Detergent!

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