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Cleaning Tips to Reduce Household Allergies This Spring

The idea that your home is making your allergies work is depressing. However, it’s often true, especially in the springtime, when spring cleaning is in full effect in many households. Fortunately, there are quite a few steps you can take to make sure your spring allergies are kept at bay this year and in the years to come.

Preventing Household Allergies

  1. Vacuum at least once a week – This tip is especially important if your home is fully carpeted or you have a lot of area rugs. Allergens can “nest” in carpet and rug fibers, making you sick even when your home is clean. Frequent vacuuming removes them. Invest in a HEPA filter for your vacuum, though, a some allergen particles are so small they will pass through standard filters and contaminate the air in your house instead.
  2. Remove any mold from your bathrooms – Bathrooms are veritable breeding grounds for mold. Between leftover soap scum, damp air, and moist grout, the entire room is a mold spore’s paradise. To prevent allergy-inducing mold from forming, keep your bathrooms clean and scrub their surfaces daily!
  3. Don’t clean without a mask – If you suffer from household allergies in the spring, the worst thing you can do is clean your house without wearing a dust mask. As you clean, mold spores, dust, and other allergens will enter your mouth and nose, likely bringing on an allergy attack. Protecting yourself with a mask is key to preventing allergy symptoms from impacting your health.
  4. Avoid scented products – The ingredients that are used to add fragrances to various cleaning products can cause allergy flare-ups. To protect yourself, make a point of using fragrance-free options. This is especially important in regard to laundry detergents and fabric refreshers, as sheets, clothing, and other soft-goods will have direct contact with your skin.
  5. Use a damp cloth when you dust – Dusting can seem futile, as it always feels like half of the particles just end up back in the air anyway. This may not be far from the truth, actually, when you use a dry cloth. To cut down on the number of dust particles that just get relocated, dampen your rag to catch the dust, rather than merely moving it elsewhere in your house.
  6. Keep outside areas clean – When people enter your home, they probably walk up a path or across a porch. The cleaner these areas are, the less likely it is that outdoor allergens, such as pollen, will get tracked into your house. Sweep your porch, patio, and/or walkway on a daily basis for best results.
  7. Ask for help if you need it – Your family loves you and certainly doesn’t want you to be sick from allergies all spring! If you need assistance with a specific chore, like dusting, delegate it, at least for the season. If you live alone, you may want to consider hiring a housecleaner to do at least a few tasks per week for you. Don’t forget about the outside of your house as well. You’re windows need cleaning just as much as the inside of the house does! That’s why you should check out someone like this Toronto eavestrough cleaning company to help you with that, as window cleaning is hard if you don’t have the right equipment.

To keep your home clean and allergen-free, it’s imperative to have the right tools for the job. Investing in high-quality cleaning supplies, such as mops, buckets, and brooms, and fragrance-free, natural cleaners is key to preventing allergy symptoms and having a happy, healthy spring this year and every year.

Ready to kickstart your spring cleaning and fight off those pesky allergens? Contact Custodial Partners today to order cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment.

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