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  • Making Restroom Cleanliness a Priority

    Since the restroom is typically one of the most frequently visited areas in the office or commercial building, it’s crucial that it’s kept clean and sanitary. One of the obvious benefits is the enhanced overall appearance of a clean restroom, which is especially important in a restaurant or retail space. Both employees and visitors will appreciate the cleanliness of the restroom. By keeping it sanitary, you’re also preventing the spread of germs and getting rid of unwanted odors. Whether you’re the building manager, contractor, or small business owner, it’ll help to create a checklist for yourself to ensure the bathroom is kept clean. We’ve put together a list of some of the top supplies that will keep your bathroom sparkling and smelling fresh at all times!

    Stock up on Soap

    Ensuring that your soap dispensers are always stocked is crucial to prevent the spread of germs. You certainly don’t want to shake the hand of someone in your office that wasn’t able to wash their hands because the soap dispenser was empty. We provide offices and commercial buildings with several options of liquid soaps, foam and gels, and waterless soaps to choose from!

    Keep it Smelling Fresh

    No one likes walking into a smelly bathroom! Make sure yours stays smelling fresh with one of our air fresheners. One of the most popular, being the F-Matic twist. Choose from a variety of different scents that your employees or customers will love!


    Cleaning all surfaces, including sinks, toilets, floors, door handles, etc., is key. Getting a disinfectant that will kill all those germs is equally important. We offer several disinfectants that will do the job right. Check them out here!


    This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many times businesses don’t keep up with the bathroom trash, and you walk into an overflowing pile of paper towels all over the floor in the restroom. The best way to ensure people are disposing of their trash properly is by providing the necessary amount of wastebaskets.

    Touchless Towel Dispensers

    Another way to avoid paper towels all over the floor is by installing touchless towel dispensers. This typically encourages people to only use 1 paper towel, rather than picking up a whole stack, wasting half of them, and then overflowing your trash can quicker than necessary. We offer a variety of these touchless towel dispensers to keep your bathrooms tidy, and more eco-friendly!

    Contact Custodial Partners

    Interested in any of our custodial supplies and cleaning equipment to keep your restrooms spotless and germ-free? Contact Custodial Partners today to learn more, and place your order! We deliver locally to Boston, Worcester, Beverly, and beyond.

  • How a Clean Workplace Promotes Productivity

    Finding the time to keep a clean work area is something that many employees and employers struggle with, but what if taking that extra time actually improved productivity? It turns out it does! There have been several studies and surveys that show a clean workplace sees better productivity from employees. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find out exactly why that is – here’s what we learned.

    Improved Focus

    Having a cluttered workplace leads to a cluttered mind. When everything is put in its place, you’ll be able to quickly reach and grab what you need as you work. That means staying focused on the task at hand rather than straying mentally as you search for an item. This consistent focus will improve productivity and work time by allowing employees to use as much of their time as possible actually spent working.

    Less Stress

    Stress is a powerful thing that can lead to a variety of health issues. It’s been proven that by reducing workplace clutter, stress levels are lowered. Stress can lead to slow productivity, fatigue, and many other symptoms that hinder progress in the workplace. Simply taking the time to clear the workspace before you begin your day could be the key to creating a workspace that you’re happy to spend time at, rather than a stressful one that you dread.

    Improved Morale

    If each employee works to keep their personal space clean, the workplace as a whole will be clean. Cleanliness leads to improved morale because employees are able to see their workplace as organized and productive. Morale is contagious and that means that if you can get a few employees on board, others will soon follow. A positive workplace morale creates a sense of pride in the work that’s being completed. That pride leads to improved productivity without the employees even trying to improve it! It’s a proven fact that you work faster and more effectively if you’re in a good mood.

    Contact Custodial Partners for Cleaning Supplies

    To begin creating a clean and organized workplace for your employees it’s important to lead by example. To create a habit consider using the first or last ten minutes of the workday for everyone to clean and organize their workspace. You’ll also want to stock up on all of the necessary cleaning supplies that your team may need; Disinfectants, dusters, sponges, and more. Custodial Partners provides efficient and effective cleaning solutions that will make these tasks easy for everyone. Order online today, or give us a call at 978-499-5400 to learn more!

  • Preparing for a Spring Cleaning

    With spring and warmer weather just around the corner, many of us are probably itching to do a deep cleaning of the house. Between the dust that accumulates from the heater, snow and ice melt being tracked all around the house, and not being able to open the windows in months, we’re all ready for a good spring cleaning. When the time does come, you’ll want to be prepared with all the cleaning supplies that you’ll need to get the job done efficiently. Check out some of our top picks to get your home sparkling like new this spring!

    For Dusting

    One of the first steps on your to-do list for spring cleaning should be dusting. Our Golden Star Microfiber Cloths provide exceptional absorption to attract and hold any dust, dirt, and grime that has accumulated. These are perfect to use on any surface, wet or dry. The Microfiber Flex Duster Wand is perfect for high up areas that you otherwise may not be able to reach.

    Cleaning the Floors

    After a long winter, it’s inevitable that your floors and carpet are going to need a little extra TLC. Our Majestic Carpet Sanitizing Extraction Cleaner is perfect for use on all types of carpets and rugs. It contains a fungicide and mildewstat, along with sanitizer to fight odor-causing bacteria. Your carpets that may have once reeked of an old musty smell, will now give off a pleasant, refreshing fragrance. When it comes to your floors, there are a variety of products that can be used in combination with one another to leave them shining. First, our Winter Days cleaner will remove any ice melt left over on your floors. If you have wood floors, the MPC Clean-Up Waterless Cleaner can work wonders to remove soil, dirt, oil, and more without leaving a greasy residue. Check out the rest of our floor cleaning products to determine which will be best for you!

    Washing the Windows

    The winter weather can certainly take a toll on your windows. When the sun finally shines and the temperatures finally reach high enough to be bearable, cleaning the windows should certainly be on your list. Try our Stearns Quart’r Packs Window Cleaner, leaving your windows streak, soil, and smudge free. (This is an EPA/Design for the Environment recognized product!)

    Contact Custodial Partners

    To stock up on your spring cleaning products, order online today or give us a call at 978-499-5400! We deliver to Boston, Cambridge, Worcester and more. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about products or quantities.

  • Keeping Your Floors Clean in the Winter

    Between snow and salt being tracked in, muddy shoes, and other outdoor debris being tracked in, it can seem nearly impossible to keep your floors clean in the winter. The dirty feeling underfoot, not to mention possible staining, is less than desirable. We’ve put together a list of ways you can be proactive to keep your floors clean all winter long!

    Use Door Mats

    This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the difference a good quality doormat can make! Using them both inside and outside entryways will act as the first barrier against salt and dirt. Be sure to invest in a quality mat that will not hold onto moisture (then you’ll be dealing with bigger problems- mold!)

    Shoe Trays

    Getting a shoe tray to encourage family members and guests to take shoes off right at the door can keep salt and mud from being tracked all around the house. Salt can scratch, stain, and even eat away at hardwood floors, so it’s well worth the effort to put a halt before spreading it.

    Sweep or Vacuum up Salt

    If salt does make its way across your floors, sweeping or vacuuming is your best bet to remove it without damage. Be wary that Swiffers and similar dusters can trap salt underneath the head, which can result in scratching of your floors.

    Cleaning Carpets

    Not only are your carpets dirty from outside debris being tracked in, but in the winter when the heat is on full blast and the windows all closed up, your carpets are also filled with dust. We would recommend using the Majestic Carpet Extraction Cleaner for a full clean, or the Majestic Triple Action to treat stains. These products will leave your carpets looking good as new.

    Contact Custodial Partners

    Custodial Partners is dedicated to bringing you efficient cleaning equipment that will keep your space spotless. Our products are designed to help make your job easier. We’re happy to offer delivery in Boston, Cambridge, Newburyport, Worcester, and other areas in the Northeast. Check out our online catalog of products today or contact us to learn more!

  • Cleaning High Surfaces With the Cen-Tec 93125 Reach System

    Whether you’re a janitor trying to keep a school or hospital clean, doing custodial work at an office building, or cleaning any other commercial environment, our goal is to provide you with equipment to make your job easier, and safer. How many times have you found yourself standing on a chair or latter to get those high up areas, and thinking “this probably isn’t safe?” Having to get up on a ladder to vacuum, reaching in awkward directions to reach all cracks and crevices and making yourself unstable, is simply not worth the risk. However, you don’t want to leave those cobwebs hanging, right? That is why we offer the Cen-tec 93125 Reach System, to allow you to efficiently clean those high up areas, while keeping yourself safe.

    The 93125 Reach System is a comprehensive vacuum solution, specifically designed to clean elevated surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. It comes with three extension wands that can reach up to 20 feet when stacked. From there, you can choose between four adaptor wands, straight, 45 degree, 90 degree, or 130 degree, depending on the angle of the surface you’ll be cleaning. It also includes eight specially designed vacuum nozzles, including a sidewinder tool, commercial brush, and pivoting head patent pending curved brush, allowing you to clean any dust, dirt or debris from surfaces.

    With the extension wand, adaptor, and nozzle attached, it allows you to clean surfaces up to 25 feet from the floor or elevated platform. All elements are designed to lock together, making it safe to use overhead, without worrying about any separation of parts. The Cen-tec system is light weight, making it manageable and stable for the user. It be used with either a backpack vacuum or commercial tank style vacuum, dry or wet-dry.

    Contact Custodial Partners

    To learn more about the Cen-Tec Reach System, and other available cleaning equipment, contact the experts at Custodial Partners! We provide solutions to help make your cleaning efficient and effective, while keeping you safe. Fill out a contact form or give us a call today at 978-499-5400 to learn more!

  • Natural Carpet Stain Removers Found in the Home

    You’re having guests over and someone spilled their red wine, or perhaps your kids tracked in some grass and mud or dropped chocolate on the floor. There are hundreds of different types of stains out there that can wreck havoc on your carpet, so it’s important to make sure you’re arm and ready for anything.

    At Custodial Partners, we offer only the best carpet care products that are guaranteed to work faster and more efficiently than traditional carpet cleaning products. If you don’t yet have our recommended line of Majestic Carpet Cleaner products, then you should opt for the following natural carpet stain removers, as well as investing in a cordless vacuum cleaner after reading reviews on a website such as Helpful Habitat (See some of their ideas).

    Natural Stain Removers

    • Water. Whether it’s boiling water, cold water, or even ice, water is your first line of defense when it comes to dissolving and dissipating stains from carpet. Water and a rag can remove the stain at the surface as long as you act quickly. The rag acts as a sponge to draw the stain up and out of the carpet fibers so all you’re left with is a milder version of the original stain that you can fight with other cleaning products.
    • Club Soda. Arm yourself with a spray bottle and club soda. Spray the stain in question and use a rag to blot at the fibers until it is completely removed. Club soda works to loosen oils and is safe to use on colored carpets of any pile height.
    • Cornstarch. Cornstarch is a powder, so it works best for liquid stains as it works to absorb moisture as well as break up the stain’s pigment. Apply cornstarch liberally to the spill and once the powder dries again, scrape or vacuum the powder. If the stain is still visible, then it’s time to bring out the club soda as a second line of defense.
    • Borax Powder. Another great and handy cleaning powder is Borax. This is perfect for liquid spills such as red wine, juice and even blood or pet stains. Borax works as an odor neutralizer and can work well when mixed with water. Sprinkle the powder on top of the stain, then spray it with water and dab with a dry cloth.
    • Baking Soda. This is often the go-to carpet stain removal method for homeowners as this solution works to fight grease stains and oil stains. The only caveat is that once you apply the baking soda, it must sit for at lest six hours before to take a vacuum to it. If there is leftover residue, this can be removed with water and a dry cloth. We recommend not using this method for high pile carpet as it can be difficult to remove the baking soda.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide. Dark stains such as those left from coffee, tea, soda, wine and ink are no match for hydrogen peroxide — just be sure you dilute it first as it could create more harm to your carpet in it’s purest form. We recommend mixing two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tablespoon of dish soap and applying the solution to the stained area. Next, rise the carpet liberally with water and blot to dry; repeat if necessary.
    • White Vinegar. Mix one part distilled white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle or bucket. Apply directly to the stain and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes before blotting with a dry rag. White vinegar is perfect for pet urine and rust stains as the acidity works to break down the components of the urine or rust. White vinegar is also the perfect odor neutralizer when it is properly diluted.

    Carpet care is crucial to making a great impression on guests. Stained carpets are not only unsightly, but they also can harbor mold and allergens when not properly cleaned after a spill. Custodial Partners is here to provide cleaning equipment in the form of vacuums and carpet extractors, as well as cleaning chemicals such as carpet bonnet and carpet spot cleaner to save you time. Contact us today to order a product!

  • Benefits of Using an Automatic Scrubber

    Spring is here and that means there’s going to be a lot of rain and mud over the next couple months before the drier summer season rolls around. At Custodial Partners, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a facility with non-carpeted flooring. Washing and cleaning large surface areas of floor is time consuming, which is why we provide a variety of automatic floor scrubbers.

    Why Choose an Automatic Floor Scrubber

    • Save Time. Opting for a traditional mop and bucket to clean your extensive network of floors is going to end up taking forever. There are hundreds of other tasks you and your crew can be doing that require your time and attention. Our automatic floor scrubbers quickly clean grocery store hallways, hospitals, schools and industrial complexes and warehouses.
    • Save Money. Having to constantly purchase new mops, mop buckets, and cleaning solution can eventually add up over the course of a few months or years. Investing in an auto scrubber for your company will instead help you stay on budget — all you’ll need to replace is the pads.
    • More Thorough. You may think that washing your floors by hand is more thorough, but it’s natural for humans to make mistakes. You may find that you’ve been missing a section of a hallway or one portion of the floor wasn’t cleaned enough. Auto scrubbers are thorough and provide an even surface clean every time. Our NSS Wrangler Autoscrubber provides three different scrub pressures and variable speeds to get the job done.
    • Less People. Where it may take 4-5 people to clean a facility’s non-carpeted floors it will only take one person with an automatic scrubber to get the same amount of work done. These auto scrubbers were invented for a reason: the main reason being less people for the task at hand. Instead, you can allocate other members of staff to perform other maintenance and cleaning duties throughout the property.
    • Fast Dry Times. With a floor scrubber, dry times are much faster because they require less water. Many floor scrubbers also utilize pads that help absorb water so that it can evaporate more quickly. A traditional mop and bucket system may leave puddles and droplet, creating hazardous walking conditions. It’s our goal at Custodial Partners to always make sure that you are getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

    Auto Scrubbers for Commercial Floor Cleaning

    Custodial Partners offers the widest selection of automatic floor machines, including:

    Contact our cleaning equipment and janitorial supply company in Boston today to order your auto scrubber.

  • How to Prevent Indents in Your Carpet Pile

    Normal wear and tear is expected and your carpeting will inevitably sustain some indents as time goes by. This is generally caused by placement of heavy furniture for a long period of time and high foot traffic. The Majestic Traffic & Bonnet Cleaner is the leading industry cleaner for treating areas of carpet with high foot traffic.

    Preventing Carpet Indents

    The most common cause of carpet indents or flat spots is due to heavy objects being placed on it for an extended period of time. You can remedy this by moving the furniture periodically by a few inches or rearranging the furniture in the room. When moving furniture, it is best to lift it from one spot to another instead of dragging it as this can worsen the flat spot.

    Vacuuming is an easy way to not only clean and remove dirt from the carpet but it also pulls the carpet fibers back up. Castor cups is another option to help prevent flat spots because it spreads the weight of each leg of the furniture over a larger area of the carpet. Although you will still need to eventually rearrange your furniture, you will not need to do so as frequently.

    It is best to treat any signs of flat spots as soon as you notice them to prevent them from becoming deeper or even permanent. One way you can treat these areas is by laying a damp towel over the flat spot and running an iron over the towel to steam the fibers. Perhaps the best option to clean and restore small to medium spots is the use of a carpet extractor, such as the NSS Stallion 818.

    If you are interested in learning more about how Custodial Partners can help with your carpet needs, please call us at (978) 499-5400 or contact us online.

  • Another Nor’easter Incoming, Prepare With Ice Melter

    Less than a week after another bomb cyclone rolled through the coastal areas of Massachusetts, more precipitation is on the way — this time in snowflake form.

    Massachusetts, particularly those in the central part of the state, are gearing up for anywhere from 2 to 12 inches of snow. Although most of the state has seen rain and scattered flurries, the majority of the snow is supposed to start piling up between the hours of 3 PM and Midnight on Wednesday. Scattered snow showers into early Thursday may also add another 1-2 inches to the total. Either way, the commute home for Massachusetts residents isn’t going to be a fun one.

    If your business, facility or establishment is determined to stick out the storm, we highly recommend preparing as quickly as possible. Make sure walkways are cleared of snow and parking lots are accessible for customers. Our janitorial supply company also recommends laying down Morgro SNO-PLOW Ice Melter to keep sidewalks, steps and ramps safe.

    The Morgro SNO-PLOW Ice Melter isn’t your average road salt. This product includes LIQUI-FIRE which helps prevent exposed metal from corroding. LIQUI-FIRE also helps the Ice Melter melt snow and ice 3 times faster than other brands — and with snow accumulating at 2-3 inches every hour, this is a huge time saver! The green-colored granules also prevent the applicator from over-applying the product. The best part about this ice melter is that it is safe on carpets and floors, which means your business can both stay open and look presentable during this blizzard.

    Depending on how the storm moves and what the temperatures are later in the day, this could be the difference between 2 and 12 inches of snow. So it’s best to plan for the worst and expect the best in this situation. Contact Custodial Partners today to order the Morgro SNO-PLOW Ice Melter!