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  • Janitorial Equipment Boston, MA, Manchester, NH

    Custodial Partners is one of New England’s leading suppliers of Janitorial, Sanitary and Maintenance supplies. Located in Newburyport, MA, Custodial Partners provides service to all of Eastern Massachusetts, as well as Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Whether its cleaning equipment for a bathroom or or plastic cutlery for a company outing, Custodial Partners has it all. We also offer a whole line of “green” products as we try to do out part in cleaning up the environment! Give us a call today or check out our website to see all of the other types of products that we offer!

  • Stearns Quarter Packs

    Introducing Quart’r Packs®, a quicker and simpler dilution control system for spray-and-wipe cleaning. A complement to our Water Flakes® line, each packet of Quart’r Packs® dilutes with one quart of water. Buy online or learn more.


  • MRSA Updates

    We are now seeing everyday new cases of MRSA cropping up all over the country. While this Methicillin Resistant Stapholococcus Aureus, also called a “Superbug”, can be very dangerous, we all need to pay attention to what government leaders recommend. Proper hand washing and good hygiene practices will ultimately win out. Along with some helpful disinfectants, we can keep this bug in check. At the CDC website, you can learn much more about this. If you work in a school facility, check out the following site for info specifically for schools:

  • Carpet Care

    Carpet Care

    “What’s the best way to take care of my carpets?”
    “How do I improve the Indoor Air Quality in my building?”
    “What’s the best vacuum cleaner?”
    “I see Green Seal Certified chemicals for floor care – what about carpets?”

    These are questions we hear everyday from cleaning contractors and facility managers alike. Little do they know that the answers a just a click away!

    The Carpet and Rug Institute site offers solutions to many common issues in maintaining carpets and rugs. Just go to to find answers to many of your everyday issues. You may just find a better mousetrap! You’ll also see the top quality ratings of the ProTeam, CleanMaster and U.S. Products equipment we supply to facilities like yours!