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Majestic® Triple Action - Qt, Cherry AlmondLocated just 17 miles north of Boston, not only is Beverly known for its plethora of beaches and waterfront property, but it is also home to the prestigious Endicott College and Cummings Center. As Endicott has expanded throughout the years from a private 2-year college to a 4-year coed institution, the campus has evolved immensely. With 6 academic centers, and more than 20 dormitories both in the form of apartment-style complexes and old historic buildings, the demand for space continues to grow. The Cummings Center is comprised of many offices, medical, retail, industrial, and laboratory spaces for lease. In a town with many young professionals furthering their education and businesses continuing to thrive, it is essential to maintain these valuable spaces. We’re here to help provide the right maintenance tools to your custodial staff to keep these spaces functional and clean.


Why Choose Our Beverly Janitorial Equipment Company

Custodial Partners is dedicating to providing the most innovative, cost-effective, productivity-enhancing cleaning solutions to the residents and janitorial staffs in Beverly. We are passionate about helping our customers maintain their facilities in the safest and most efficient way possible by offering the best and most reliable name brands in the industry.

Whether it’s a large office building, dirty dorm room, or residential home, Custodial Partners has a solution. Choose from our selection of cleaning supplies, chemicals, equipment and more. In such densely populated areas, it is also essential to combat viruses to stop them from spreading. We have the necessary means to remove germs quickly and efficiently from all types of surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and wood.

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