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  • School’s Out For Summer: It’s Cleaning Time!

    With all the colleges in the New England area wrapping up this month, it’s now time to get ready for “the deep clean.” We don’t just mean a quick sweep through the hallways; we’re talking about every nook and cranny. Or perhaps your business is slower during the summer months due to employees taking off for summer vacations throughout the season. Whatever the reason for your deep clean, Custodial Partners is here to help you get the job done in a timely fashion so that you can get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

    Speeding Up The Cleaning Process

    We’re all about making things more efficient here at our janitorial equipment company, which is why we stress the importance of investing in quality cleaning equipment. Below are just a few cleaning equipment essentials that are great for buildings with non-carpeted floors.

    • Burnishers. These are great for making tile and linoleum floors sparkle and shine. Many of our burnishers are smaller in size and are very maneuverable and relatively lightweight. Burnishers such as the Hawk HCF1520-1500 Compact Fold-Up High-Speed Burnisher are great for smaller-sized classrooms, convenience stores with narrow isles and medical exam rooms.
    • Automated Scrubbers. Automated floor scrubbers are ideal for those who need to cover large surface areas in a timely manner. These are mostly used for schools, hospitals, grocery stores and warehouses and come equipped with large water/solution tanks. The NSS® Wrangler 2625DB Autoscrubber, for example, includes a massive 25 gallon solution tank for better efficiency.
    • Wet/Dry Vacuum. Your cleaning equipment room wouldn’t be complete without a wet/dry vacuum. This piece of equipment works best to remove the loose dirt and debris from hard floors or carpeted floors before you bring in the automated scrubbers and burnishers. Our 20 gallon ProTeam® ProGuard™ 20 Wet/Dry Vacuum allows for the best maneuverability without sacrificing performance.

    Interested in any additional janitorial equipment or cleaning supplies for this season? Check out our catalog here or contact us for pricing questions and delivery information.

  • Custodial Partners Dedicated to Happy, Healthy Hands with Deb Products

    Our Boston area cleaning supply company is dedicated to providing our customers with the best cleaning products in the industry. We offer everything from cleaning equipment and janitorial cleaning products to grounds maintenance and safety products.

    Aside from cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment, one of our largest product categories is skin care. Custodial Partners is proud to provide customers with a variety of Deb Products.

    Why Deb Skin Care Products?

    Dedicated to increasing awareness and providing proper skin care and hand sanitation in the workplace, Deb is a leading soap supplier for businesses large and small who hope to improve workplace sanitary conditions without going over budget. Deb’s soap and soap dispensing products are the perfect solution for any type of industry, such as industrial, healthcare, food and beverage, automotive and hospitality.

    Custodial Partners Provides Deb Products

    At Custodial Partners, we personally choose each and every one of our brands and products to fit our customer needs. This means that all products are extensively researched and approved for sale on our website. Our cleaning product and janitorial equipment company provides Deb soap on account of their high quality, effective products which are cost efficient for the end consumer. Custodial Partners provides the following Deb products online:

    • Dispensers and accessories
    • Washroom cleansers
    • Sanitizers
    • Antibacterial cleansers
    • Hand creams and more

    For more information regarding pricing or product availability, please contact Custodial Partners at 978.499.5400 or contact us here for general questions.

  • The Truth Behind Green Cleaning Products

    As a janitorial equipment and custodial cleaning supply company, it’s our job to provide a wide variety of cleaning products. We never include products that aren’t built for the task at hand, and that includes certified Green products (among other chemical cleaners). There’s often a stigma against these environmentally friendly products as being “less effective” than their more potent counterparts, but in reality, Green certified chemical cleaners can get the job done just as well.

    Companies such as Seventh Generation and Method have made it a priority to exclude chemicals that are known to cause serious side effects in humans during one-time use and after repeated use. Chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine are toxic if safety precautions aren’t enforced and custodians aren’t careful with the handling of these chemicals. Green certified chemicals are not only better for human use, but also for the environment.

    If you decide to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products, it’s important to note a few differences:

    • First, Green products will be slightly more expensive than their more toxic counterparts. This is due to the manufacturing process.
    • Second, environmentally friendly products may take some more elbow grease during the cleaning process in order to achieve the same results as more harsh chemical cleaners. However, the results from Green products are the same as chemical products when used as directed.

    Not sure if a product is Green certified or not? Here is a helpful review on what labels to look for. Our Boston area custodial equipment and janitorial supply company has multiple Green certified chemical cleaning options. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order!

  • The Best Cleaning Product for Glass, Mirrors & Stainless Steel

    Looking for something that doesn’t leave residue or streaks on your glass, mirrors and stainless steel? Sure, Windex works to clean surfaces, but it doesn’t make them truly shine.

    Instead, PURETi can get the job done while you spend half the cost as you would purchasing other surface cleaning products for the same uses. This high-tech surface treatment both cleans and polishes. What’s great about this product is that it’s less expensive than the leading brands and due to it’s highly concentrated formula, you only need to use a small portion of what you would normally use to clean a surface.

    How PURETi Works

    This janitorial cleaning product is proven to lower maintenance labor by 50% or more all while reducing noxious airborne chemical smells by up to 20%. The secret is that PURETi does not use as strong a pH as other cleaning chemical brands, which makes it safer for your janitorial staff and for building occupants.

    Just as you would for most spray cleaning products, spray PURETi directly onto glass, mirrors or stainless steel surfaces so that the entire surface is damp. Be sure to not let the product dry on the surface before you have a chance to remove it. Always wipe the surface using light pressure from a microfiber towel. When done correctly, application of PURETi only needs to occur every 1-3 months as needed.

    This product, available at Custodial Partners, will greatly reduce the time you and your staff spend cleaning glass, mirror, and stainless steel surfaces. Contact us today for questions regarding availability!

  • Forget the Salt, Choose SNO-PLOW with LIQUI-FIRE™

    Areas of Massachusetts are supposed to be getting a few inches of snow early this week — are you prepared to keep the property clear of ice and snow?

    Instead of using dozens of bags of salt to get the job done, opt for Morgro SNO-PLOW™ Ice Melter with LIQUI-FIRE. Using salt is bad for the environment, particularly the grass and shrubs that surround the property you’re trying to meticulously maintain. After using salt all winter, you’ll notice dead grasses and shrubs that line walkways — this is due to the toxic properties of the salt you’ve been applying.
    Sno Plow De-icer and snow melterMorgro SNO-PLOW Ice Melter with LIQUI-FIRE is a more environmentally friendly (USDA approved) option that is just as powerful as using salt. USDA approved and safe to handle with bare hands, this product is children and pet safe, so this makes it a go-to product for those in charge of custodial work for apartment complexes and schools. There’s also no need to worry about damaging other materials such as exposed metal due to it’s anti-corrosive properties.

    Each granule of SNO-PLOW is thoroughly coated with LIQUI-FIRE in order to lower the melting temperature needed for SNO-PLOW to melt ice and snow up to three times faster. These little granules are also green in color so you’ll actually be able to see the amount of product you’re using and where it’s going on the ground; as a result, less product is wasted.

    SNO-PLOW with LIQUI-FIRE™ is available via Custodial Partners in 50 lb bags or 50 lb pails. Purchase yours today and be prepared for New England’s next big snowfall or freezing temperatures!

  • Custodial Partner’s Presents Pacific Floor Care AutoScrubber

    Pacific Floor Care has recently partnered with Custodial Partners to bring you the Automatic Scrubbers S series. The only hard floor scrubber you will need for all of your cleaning duties. The AutoScrubber has been proven to be one of the best in the industry when it comes to cleaning open space areas like gyms, large venues, and presentation rooms to name a few. Not only is it an excellent scrubber but it cuts your cleaning time tremendously making it easier for you to complete all of your tasks within a reasonable time. Including the first time ever battery shield system. This system works to protect against moisture even when wet.

    Not only is it an excellent scrubber but it cuts your cleaning time tremendously making it easier for you to complete all of your tasks within a reasonable time. Including the first time ever battery shield system. This system works to protect against moisture even when wet.

    The Autoscrubber comes equipped 75 to 100 pounds down pressure featuring a 300 RPM rotational brush speed making your cleaning job quick and easy. The only cleaning tool you will ever need in store.

    Don’t Wait Get it Now !

    Check out our catalog and many more cleaning products by visiting or giving us a call at 978-499-5400

  • Get Your All in One Oreck U2000 RB-1 Upright Vacuum



    The Oreck® U2000RB-1 is a commercial upright vacuum which will surpass all your expectations. This powerful and versatile vacuum will make sure your home or business is clean as can be. The Oreck® U2000RB-1 isn’t limited to just carpets. With its floating head, it can also be used on surfaces such as wood, laminate, and tile, without having to manually adjust. It has many features that will make cleaning quick and easy such as:

    • A 40-foot Power Cord – Clean without limits; easily replace a damaged cord
    • Lightweight – Only 9 lbs.
    • Low-Profile Design – Fits under furniture with ease
    • Wide Cleaning Head – 12 Inches wide
    • High-Speed Roller Brush – The double helix brush design spins at 6500 RPM
    • Disposable Inner Bag – Easy Disposal
    • Helping Hand Handle – Ergonomic Design for eliminating the bending/twisting of the wrist.

    There is a reason this lightweight, upright vacuum provides so much power. The direct suction design allows dirt to be sucked into the bag in a straight efficient path. This design allows the smaller lightweight motor to achieve its incredible cleaning power.

    Oreck is a company founded in 1963 by owner David Oreck, which began by manufacturing vacuums for hotels in the United States. Today, Oreck provides a wide variety of cleaning equipment and products for commercial and residential use. Oreck’s reputation as one of the finest vacuum manufacturers carries through in the U2000RB-1.

  • Maintenance Solutions Presents the Rejuvenator Grout and Stain Remover, Making Heavy Duty Cleaning Easier

    rejuvenator grout restorer

    How Does it Work

    Custodial Partners brings you the Grout and Stain Remover to use with easiness and no trouble.  The Grout Rejuvenator is a multi-purpose cleaner with the capacity of cleaning the toughest of stains. The Rejuvenator is supplied by MPC solutions as a heavy duty cleaner for use in bathrooms, showers, kitchen floors, you name it this cleaner does it. Using strong chlorides, all you have to do is apply the cleaning agent to the area you want to remove grout from. Once applied, allow the product to soak for at least 5 minutes, then use a brush to thoroughly remove all the grout and stains.

    Why the Rejuvenator ?

    As a custodian working for a school, restaurant, or factory, this is a must product to use. Have you ever mopped your floors only to experience the stained grout in between, and it is almost impossible to get the dirt out. Well, this is what the rejuvenator stain remover was made for, to make all of your cleaning duties easy and struggle-free.  The Rejuvenator is safe to use on porcelain, ceramic and most metal floors.  There are different forms scum the rejuvenator removes ranging from hard water scale, grout and rust. The heavy duty cleanser’s acidic formula make it possible to leave tile floors as good as new.  Dont wait to get your rejuvenator as part of your cleaning routine. Get yours today check out our catalog at

  • Foamicide PQ, a multipurpose disinfectant for all of your cleaning needs


    foamicide PQ


    The leading US manufacturer for disinfectants MISCO has teamed up with Custodial Partners to bring Foamicide Foam and Spray Kit. Foamicide is an acid disinfectant used for cleaning in many industries all across the nation. Foamicide is a multi-purpose disinfectant intended to break down dirt and bacteria using the combination of phosphoric acid and Quarter any Ammonium Chloride. When combined together these chemicals work as an undeniable force against soap scum, hard water stains and dirt and bacteria.


    Whether you work for the health care industry or the hospitality industry you can count on Foamicide to get the job done. Using Foamacide prevents infections and diseases to spread through counters, surfaces, and doors. Foamicide also works to clean and deodorize bathrooms and washrooms. Foamicide has the productivity to take down any germs at any time. As a custodian or maintenance cleaner this an addition you want to have to make your job easier.

    Check out our Catalog for more details on the Foamicide PQ the best Disinfectant in your Cleaning Drawer!!
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  • Need A High Performance Dryer For Your Janitorial Needs ? X Power’s P800H Dryer is Your Solution


    P-800 is the new rave in technology in the world of carpet dryers.

    If you want a high-performance product,the P-800H is it. The ideal product in airflow technology a desirable product for any professional in the janitorial industry.

    To all cleaning professionals, your job just got easier. Drying is now better, and faster with the P-800 multi-purpose dryer. It allows for multiple positioning and easy mobility. You don’t have to worry about difficulty moving it from your work van to the job site.  It’s 40% lighter than most air dryers in the market! The P-800H comes equipped with wheels and luggage making it easy to move around.
    Working on a painting job that needs drying ? The P-800H’s multiple positioning capabilities allow access to dry walls and ceilings after painting. It is also a quiet machine fully assembled with 3 speeds, You can now use it for all of your drying projects, and not worry about all the noise, or disturbing any work areas. It is CETL and ETL certified ensured for user safety and it’s durability. A product that will last many years and that you can trust using

    Need the P800H for your next contracting or cleaning project ?
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